Understanding Non-Ferrous Metals
(incl. Chemical Compounds)

Not a Scientific Book, but a unique Book from an Industrial Point of View.
From the Author of the Successful Book "Understanding Copper"

The Book

The High Quality Book (Hardcover,Smooth Paper) deals on about 800 pages with all Industrial Aspects of Non-Ferrous Metals and their Chemical Compounds. It is divided into four parts: Basics explains common Properties and Procedures of Non-Ferrous Metals, the main Part deals with the Individual Metals and their Compounds, the Book is completed by a part dealing with Non-Ferrous Metals as the Building Blocks for a Sustainable Future and with a Glossary and some Tables. Included is also a comprehensive Keyword Index

It is written in an Understandable Way for everyone dealing with Non-Ferrous Metals and their role in today's and tomorrow's business

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Basics of Non-Ferrous Metals

Part1: The Basics: Properties, Minerals, Mining, Metallurgy, Alloys, Chemicals

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All 75 Metals

In Part 2: For each Metal a Chapter with Properties, Mining, Production (including Recycling), Uses of the Metal and its Compounds, History

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Their Role in Sustainable Development

In Part 3: The important Role of Non-Ferrous Metals for future sustaniable developmenst are described

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Glossary and Tables

In Part 4: Tables about Physical and Chemical Properties and Production Figures

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